Our Story

Eat Green Cafe is a locally owned business with a team obsessed with eating clean, eating fresh and eating sustainable.

We, at Eat Green, are very strong believers in “you are what you eat”. Being conscious and calculated about what you put into your body that can truly nourish you. We want everyone to experience a body awakening experience. That includes a better sense of clarity, better sense of smell, better mood, controlled sugar cravings, and weight loss all from eating well-rounded plant-based meals with the right amount of Carbs, Protein and Fiber as well as making it easier to incorporate more vitamins and nutrients into your diet, and help keep you energized and healthy while doing right by the planet. Creating good food using only the best local ingredients is at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with our suppliers, who share our ethos and passion for food, to create dishes which are fresh and full of flavor.

From seasonal herbs and vegetables handpicked from our very own gardens, to meat reared organically on farms only a few miles away – you are guaranteed the freshest experience at Eat Green. For us, the future of food is about influencing and changing eating habits to reflect the wellness and respect we wish to see in the world. It’s about going back to basics: pure, fresh, recognizable, and accessible food we can easily trace to its origins. Whether we’re vegetarians, vegans, or simply conscious consumers, we all know that eating organic food and putting more plants on our plates is good for health and wellness—not just for ourselves, but for the environment.
Eat Green Cafe was founded to bring the community together through sharing a common goal: to be healthy, think fresh, live awake, and keep our one and only body in balance.